I own a public (temporarily private — check back later) server:



  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Gamemode: Survival+Vanilla
  • Backend: Paper


  1. Be a good person
  2. Don’t swear, chat is family-friendly
  3. Give more than you take

Special Features

Going Home


Following my love for WoW and seeing this work well on different multiplayer servers, I added a /home feature so you can teleport home any time. To set your home, go there and time “/sethome”. After that, you can type “/home” at any time to teleport back.

If you’d like to change your home, simply type “/delhome”


BluuJaay is the admin. Report problems to me.

One last tip: the server delivers a full draw distance of 32 chunks. Make sure you max the videos settings to appreciate the full effect!