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regarding cookies

This website uses cookies for session management, basic analytics, and to operate the shopping cart feature. Embedded websites, like youtube videos, instagram posts, twitter feeds, facebook login, etc that are shared here may include additional cookies from these websites.

If you disagree, just block the cookies. However certain features that depend on cookies to function will stop working if cookies are blocked.

regarding data you provide

If you make an account, post, comment, purchase, etc on this website, then the data you provide will be kept forever. Even if the post is removed publicly, there may still be data of that post cached elsewhere. With that in mind, use prudence when providing information to this website.

regarding email

An email is asked of everyone who registers an account here.

It’ll be used to:

  • Allow me to respond to your direct questions you may ask when leaving a comment, to provide your personal help or assistance, etc
  • Access to cool features, like the secret (by invitation only) parts of the website.
  • Resetting passwords
  • Sending confirmations when you purchase something here

It won’t be:

  • Shared with anyone
  • Published anywhere
  • Placed on a mailing list

regarding logs

Normal, basic logging is used. This includes IP addresses and standard http information. The logs are kept on a short rotation, with the oldest entries expiring as new information comes in. However for legal reasons, just assume they’re kept forever, as they might exist in backups, turned over for compliance reasons, etc.

regarding distribution

This website might use a CDN to improve speed and reliability.

regarding take-down

This website is subject to French law. Send only French-compliant requests to:

The request must be in English or French.

All other requests are discarded.