new year, new blog

So I’m going to try hard and never delete this blog.

Like what always happens is: I wind up feeling embarrassed at my old and lesser-mature self. Or I feel like I said too much on the internet and now the whole world is hiding underneath my bed.

So yeah, this time around, won’t happen.

After enough time passes, even the most cringy things you do become a fond memory. I recently found a backup hard drive from 2011 and went through all the files on it. Things that would have embarrassed me a few years ago, strangely seem much easier to laugh at now.
So the way I see it: Journal-writing and life takes three phases:

  1. You do something stupid, but it’s normal for you because you don’t know better.
  2. After a period of time, you reflect on this thing, and you feel embarrassed and hate yourself.
  3. Then after a long time, you look back and it’s somehow a good memory and you appreciate how you’ve grown and changed.

So yeah, no matter how much I look back in the future and hate my posts, I’ll keep telling myself I’m stuck in phase 2 on the timeline, and not delete this blog.


See you in the future. Hi me!