fun questionnaire I found on twitter

@adrians_reality it’s from my website “Left Reality”, which is my favorite domain that I own so I made it my personal website. It originates from a political prank I played some years ago. Which further originates from a channel called “Nightcore Reality”. Back in the day, I had a crush on the girl in that […]


I’m giving vloging a shot. In light of that, you’ll probably find a lot less posts here. But I’ll always keep this traditional blog up. After all, I can say whatever I want here without fear from being banned (nigger nigger nigger hahah) Hmm. Maybe I can even connect my youtube channel so the videos […]

Giveaway – 25 Stickers

In light of <Light’s Hope> shutting down today, I’ve decided to give away 25 Sticker of Hope for free! Just use promo code CUINCLASSIC at checkout to get them. One per person please! If you have any questions, ping me on discord Blujay#6308