Skated today

Normally I tweet this stuff, but I’l banned on twitter so whatever I went skating today and had so much fun. I was out for 3 hours and did not want to quit. My body started giving out and forced me. I’m all sore and tires but feeling great. I know I will sleep like […]

banned from twitter

Despite the hundreds of abusive, direct, absurdly vulgar tweets I’ve been victim to receiving on twitter, I have been very unexpectedly banned for simply telling a woman “I would offer people like you a cigarette” In a sarcastic way, to imply ‘people like her’ would then catch cancer from my generosity and die sooner. Terribly […]

swedish music

WHY does swedish music have to be so good? why does it have to be better than French? I should be learning French right now, but it’s impossible when I keep playing Swedish music. In lighter news, my Swedish seems to be steadily improving somehow.