Skated today

Normally I tweet this stuff, but I’l banned on twitter so whatever

I went skating today and had so much fun. I was out for 3 hours and did not want to quit. My body started giving out and forced me. I’m all sore and tires but feeling great. I know I will sleep like an angel tonight

Also my mid section is looking great. I’ve really developed muscle around my stomach, sides, and lower back from all the skating and Incan feel it

I dont even think about balance anymore. It’s completely deferred to my subconscious now. woot

Only exception is when I’m pushing myself and doing a new crazy trick. But my sub picks it all up pretty quickly now. So

i’m pretty much ready to start making videos and posting

look forward to that

fuck twitter. Unjust ban. I hope Sanfrancisco gets swallowed by the ocean in a giant earthquake HAH ban THAT. Can’t ban me here, losers.

i mad