banned from twitter

Despite the hundreds of abusive, direct, absurdly vulgar tweets I’ve been victim to receiving on twitter, I have been very unexpectedly banned for simply telling a woman “I would offer people like you a cigarette”

In a sarcastic way, to imply ‘people like her’ would then catch cancer from my generosity and die sooner.

Terribly rude of me,, but, that was the point. I am shameless. The woman was a complete bitch and totally deserved it. However, it pales in comparison to the abuse that I have received and no action was taken on my abusers.

Just like my childhood, my Evil Bitch Mother abused the living fuck out of me, and nothing happened to her. But heaven help me if… for instance, the child that I was showed the slightest bit of snark to my mother.

I’m numb to this. Really numb. I learned a long time ago life isn’t fair

Also twitter, still, has serious policy issues they need to streamline.

Or actually, maybe not. Let a better company outshine them. Well done twitter.