fun questionnaire I found on twitter

I found this on twitter and I’m just a bit bored and attention-seeking. So here goes=)
  1. @adrians_reality it’s from my website “Left Reality”, which is my favorite domain that I own so I made it my personal website. It originates from a political prank I played some years ago. Which further originates from a channel called “Nightcore Reality”. Back in the day, I had a crush on the girl in that channel and I loved the name. I moved to Seattle to ask her out, I did , but she ultimately rejected me!
  2. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and DaVinci. They’re all incredibly brilliant (which I wish I was) and they use their brilliance to help humanity instead of just self-serving like most smart men.
  3. Not really. Just my friends and people close to me.
  4. Probably space travel and inventions surrounding healthcare. I imagine a day when humanity cures all disease, makes everyone intelligent and beautiful, and peace on earth. I’m not being cliche, that’s seriously what I want most in the world. I guess on a more personal level, I’m most looking for ward to the day I start my family and have kids.
  5. Don’t leave yourself with regret. The only things you ever truly regret are the things you never did. So no matter what, if you desire something, do it, no matter how big your chance of failure, fear, or any excuse. I’d rather fail trying something than be comfy regretting what “could have been”.
  6. Policeman.
  7. Inuyasha. I love him!
  8. I would have said “a billionaire”
  9. Probably mickey mouse, the one who started it all. In a close second, for reasons I cannot explain, probably Lucy from Elfen Lied
  10. I’d like to be a perfect, master level programmer. Oh, and a great chef!
  11. birthday parties
  12. I’m pretty open in general; I don’t think there’s anything that would surprise you. I love My Little Pony and am a total brony. I also have a few vices which I’ll never tell anyone unless they share the same vice:)
  13. I guess when people misrepresent me. I’ve learned to master my anger. I get mad when I’m hungry, does that count?
  14. The LACK of gatekeeping. I don’t know how this whole “anti-gatekeeping” movement started, but gatekeeping is how you make something cool. You know? All the beset clubs in town have bouncers turning everyone away if you’re not sharply dressed, beautiful, popular and rich. If they let the whole world in, then it wouldn’t be a cool club. Gatekeeping is WHAT MAKES IT COOL!! You need to choose, SHAMELESSLY, who can, and who cannot, play with you. Spread the word. This is becoming a real problem in a lot of fandoms.
  15. Listen to music. that’s a big one for me. I’ll also plop down in my bed and do nothing. I can just sit and think for hours without getting bored. I love my thoughts and imagination. When I’m stressed I NEED to be alone. And to a lesser degree, I find reading about other people’s problems helps me de-stress. I guess it helps to keep in all in perspective.
  16. There was a day in my life, when I was 17 years old, back in the winter of 2008 when I learned how to run away from home. I would sneak out in middle of the night and — well it’s a very long story, I’ll spare you. Just that first day, that was by far the best day of my life. I had a rough childhood and an incredibly abusive mother. This day was my first escape in the entirety of my existence and I feel like I felt the world. A lot happened that day. That’s all I’lll say.
  17. I don’t do this much anymore. I used to do this, but I swore it off after I met this amazing German girl on a bus. I’ll spare you the story, but she changed my outlook on this forever.
  18. I guess my computer, my cat, and a few strips of LSD.
  19. I struggle to find pleasure. It’s a problem I’m working on. Thanks to the abuse I endured as a child, I feel guilt which instantly shuts down pleasure for me. I don’t have many great memories because of this. But just speaking in terms of accomplishments, I’m grateful for making a million dollars. That was a big milestone for me and made me realize I’m not like other people.
  20. I guess razor blades? Or Milky Ways. Definitely Milky Ways.
  21. That I’ve SEEN? I can take this question so many ways. I guess designer clothes, cars, and dumb luxuries. Vanity is a very costly vice.
  22. I don’t know, nothing comes to mind really. I don’t preoccupy myself with this sort of thing.
  23. The internet and psychedelic clubs.
  24. Sushi
  25. I don’t think I’ve ever re-watched a TV series. But I have read the Catcher in the Rye several times.
  26. Being fearless. They’ll call it “crazy”, but not in the literal sense. I’m not crazy. I just do things others are too scared to say or do.
  27. I’ve never met anyone like me and I’m desperate to one day, it’s part of the reason I’m here on the internet. I tell absolutely everyone I know “have you ever met someone like me?” in hopes of one day finding someone else like me and, finally, having a true best friend. It’s weird. I’m weird.
  28. I’m not going to share it here, but there are a lot of them and it was all horrible things my mother did to me as a child. Memories I can’t forget and send me into panics or crying fits if I think about them too much. I’ve also had a motorcycle crash that messed me up for a while.
  29. I think I’ve learned how to be a friend from the TV series “House”. The idea is (and spoiler alert) there is a brilliant doctor, in fact he’s the most brilliant in the entire world. The concept of the show essentially makes him the smartest man on earth and nobody can outwit him. So he’s always right. Literally. Not just believing he is, he’s literally always right. So as a result his friendships suck. Everyone tried to help him be a better friend, but he couldn’t accept their advice because it isn’t logical. So then I reflected onto myself. I’m not the smartest guy in the world, so first off it made me realize that I’m not always right. But even in those times that I think I am, there is things I could be doing to make life easier for other people. One really simple example is sugarcoating bad news. Sounds simple, right? But I used to be like the doctor and think “what’s the point, just say the truth and let whatever happens, happen”. But humans are more than that, we’re emotional creatures. So I learned, and am still learning, to balance my grip on reality with the importance of other peoples’ feelings. Basically learned to value the feelings of others. It really means something. Another example that really touched me is — if something happens that’s not necessairly my fault, I should still apologize. It doesn’t mean I took responsibility. That’s logically impossible. What it means is, is that I care about the other person and I’m showing them, yes, I wish misfortune did not come your way. (I hope I explained this well, it’s a new thing for me)
  30. Well sitting in my stinking apartment right now, I will NEVER feed my cat a bowl of milk. I thought I’d give her a little treat, because I know cats love milk. But hold G-D in HEAVEN DOES HER POOP STINK. So from now on, she gets tuna when I feel like giving her a treat.