I’m getting a cat today. Pretty excited about that but also kinda nervous because they are a big responsibility and live a long time.

What pushed me over the edge to finally get one was the release of classic wow. I figured if I’m going to be home a lot, I may as well get one now while it’s the perfect time to care for it. It’ll also help distract me from my intense focus when I work on things, play, or feel bored. I think having a cat will help prevent me from getting depressed.

On the inverse, the only thing I’m stressing over is all the fur. I do have dreams of being a chef, or at least moonlighting as one, because I enjoy cooking. But that will be pretty much impossible if I get cat fur over all of my clothes every day. So these two dreams come at an exclusion that I can’t really resolve…. either cat or chef. So for now at least, while I’m not a chef, I choose cat. I’ll just deal with the future when it eventually arrives.

Also <Light’s Hope> is shutting down today. I will be there for the event at midnight. Kinda excited, because the end of this project means the start of something new (classic wow). The team did an amazing job resurrecting Vanilla and keeping it blizzlike, bringing back the memory. i really love these guys. I got to chat with them in discord a few times and they’re all really great people.

Other than that.. what else in new in my life? I resisted taking a holiday this August because, for one, I had a lot to do. But also the prices were so high and I don’t have anyone to go with. I considered just going to the beach and meeting people or to a festival and doing the same, but I resisted. I’m kinda tired of that life. I’m 28 now and don’t really feel the same spark when I travel now, as I did when I was a teenager. It’s all the same things. What matters to me now is who I go with, the company I have. I think it’s cliche, but the thing that gives life meaning the most, for me, is other people.

So I’ll probably holiday again this autumn or winter.

I’m not really sure what the next steps in my life are right now, I have a vague vision of the future but not a real plan to get there. So I’m living in the moment right now as I figure it out.