so excited for classic WoW

WoW was my escape from a hellscape childhood. I started at the end of Vanilla and by the time I hit, I believe level 30, the first expansion released and changed the entire world. I made some friends from the old world, who for example, was one very kind old British man who ran me through Blackrock Depths at level 70 and I was at-level. I remember him telling me stories about him and his guild running through it. He showed me all the secrets, like how you can jump into the lava at that one spot and if you are careful enough, and swim fast enough, you can avoid having to walk precariously across the giant chains in middle of the room. Running this dungeon with him was amazing. BRD is such a complicated dungeon, it’s easy to get lost if it’s your first, or hundredth time inside, and there’s so many little secrets you have to figure out. It’s overwhelming and i LOVE it. Watching him navigate this place, with such mastery and confidence, left this amazing impression on my mine. I couldn’t wait to get to level 70 and see what all the dungeons would be like. I remember discovering feralheart gear for the first time, the pre-raid first setpiece. It had all these cool bonuses if you collected all 7 of them. Matching armor. Even though it was all blue, I was SO excited to collect them.

Until I hit level 58 and went to outlands for the first time. Remember back in BC, this was before Cataclysm and the dragon destroyed all of Azeroth. Vanilla was still perfectly in tact. Naxx was still there. The whole experience was there, getting you hyped up for level 60. The music I was listening to was still referring to level 60 as max level (“I’ve got a level 60 bullet for your m—f— face“)… all this hype just to be decapitated by the new expansion. I was heartbroken.

the old lands were always empty after that, nothing “mattered” anymore. I felt like a fool if, for example, I collected Runecloth or asked someone to explain AQ to me.

Anyway. The game carried on and I slowly got used to the status quo. Each mini patch, which came out several weeks apart, slowly degenerated the game bit by bit. At the end of BC, it was destroyed by the island above silvermoon city (can’t remember the name of that place:/), only to contain the players for a month or two just to hold off until WotLK destroyed everything else. I mean you can argue that Cata destroyed the game both literally (fire dragon) and figuratively (this is when many people started leaving the game by the millions). But I disagree. Each new expansion destroyed absolutely everything that laid before it.

What the point of falling in love , when you know in a few years, it will be dead and gone?

How could I ever love a game like this.

In comes Elysium, some years ago I discovered, after a fit of exceptional frustration with retail, an emulation of the vanilla game. It had thousands of players.

Well anyway LONG STORY SHORT IT WAS AMAZING. I learned a big lesson that my memories are right, when you remember something is better, then it probably is. Other people can be like sheep, all blindly agreeing with each other that you have “greener on the other side of the fence” bias. But no, it was just as magical and amazing as I remembered it to be.

So yeah. Combine that with my recent assistance to private realms, following WoW channels on youtube and twitter, and finally buying a new powerful computer just to play it… yeah. I’m pretty excited.

Check out my new imac. On 5K-Ultra settings I get 63fps in crowded orgrimmar. On 5K-Medium it bumps to 95fps. And if I lower the resolution to 2560-1440 then my framerate goes over 200. NOT BAD. Definitely not bad for such a small and beautiful machine. I love macs.

Like my apartment is very small and I don’t have space to have a big clunky tower and the unsightly cables all over the place. But the imac is completely wireless. Just one power cable. I’m really happy with this purchase.