cool new apartment

I don’t think I’ve bragged about it here yet….

but yeah, after all this long search and waiting, I finally moved into my cool new apartment last month! It’s in a superb location, dead center of Paris and close to many famous places. When I step onto the street, I can turn and see Notre Dame 😀

Or should i say, what’s left of it :’/

My new apartment is expensive, of course, given the nature of this city… but it’s also sooooo small. It’s arguably two rooms. One tiny bedroom on the 7th floor, the size of an attic, and one studio room with a kitchen and lounge area on the 6th. Despite the size, the designer did very well with storage and organization. There is sneaky storage all about. Large windows that let in a lot of sunlight. All in all, it’s very nice and super cozy for one person.