Giveaway – 25 Stickers

In light of <Light’s Hope> shutting down today, I’ve decided to give away 25 Sticker of Hope for free! Just use promo code CUINCLASSIC at checkout to get them. One per person please! If you have any questions, ping me on discord Blujay#6308


I’m getting a cat today. Pretty excited about that but also kinda nervous because they are a big responsibility and live a long time. What pushed me over the edge to finally get one was the release of classic wow. I figured if I’m going to be home a lot, I may as well get […]

so excited for classic WoW

WoW was my escape from a hellscape childhood. I started at the end of Vanilla and by the time I hit, I believe level 30, the first expansion released and changed the entire world. I made some friends from the old world, who for example, was one very kind old British man who ran me […]