so excited for classic WoW

WoW was my escape from a hellscape childhood. I started at the end of Vanilla and by the time I hit, I believe level 30, the first expansion released and changed the entire world. I made some friends from the old world, who for example, was one very kind old British man who ran me […]

cool new apartment

I don’t think I’ve bragged about it here yet…. but yeah, after all this long search and waiting, I finally moved into my cool new apartment last month! It’s in a superb location, dead center of Paris and close to many famous places. When I step onto the street, I can turn and see Notre […]

lazy week

I don’t know how this happened. But I’ve had a pretty lazy week. didn’t get much productive stuff done, now it all caught up with me and I feel like… gross. How do I stop these sneaky lazy weeks from creeping up on me? How do I keep my willpower and motivation top-notch? Just something […]