Making Friends

Now I’m up and running, settled in my new apartment, and feeling much better about my life than I was last winter, my new priority is making friends, and making really good ones.

My whole life I have been so independent and traveled a lot, so I have lost the luxury of making close friends. I want to undo this damage and bring back a healthy social life. Paris is definitely my home now and I’m never (almost never) leaving. So with that assumption, I only have forward to move:)

The biggest challenges to making friends, for me, is keeping my mouth shut. Sometimes I like to say everything that’s on my mind, even if it’s offensive. Honestly I can be a bit insensitive when it comes to topics of race and sex. Not in a spirit of hate, but just pointing out facts about reality. A lot of people get offended by that sort of stuff, especially in a progressive country. So I really have to either keep my mouth shut, or learn to pretend that women are on the same level as men….l ol

Well if that’s my biggest problem, then I am not too concerned.

I’ve learned this year that emotions are very important. Previously, I used to believe that emotions are just a burden — like something to be ignored and that you should always allow your willpower to take charge unconditionally. Even in other people, to me, it never mattered at all how they felt, only what they did. Sort of like an ‘ends justify the means’ attitude to human emotions.

But I’m not like that anymore. Now I really value my own feelings and especially that of others. It’s changed how I see the world and I’ve learned that emotions are real. When they are felt, they exist. They are indeed tangible, even if I can’t hold an emotion in my hand. Even if it really just is chemicals swimming in the blood in your brain— it’s still real. And those ‘chemical’s are something to be cherished and listened to.

This is still a developing thought for me. I’ll share more in the coming months.