summer in Estonia

With my cool new awesome apartment signed, paid, and ready to move in on the 6th of July, and no major obligations in my job… I realized I have a two-week window to do whatever I want.

So I went to Estonia:)

I’ve been really wanting to hike this country for over a year now. Somehow I always anticipated that I would get around to it in autumn. But why wait? I booked this trip less than 3 hours after I got the idea. Mega impulse purchase :DDDDDDD

Anyway I’m here now. I’m in Tallinn and have been hanging with my friends. It’s not my first time here, so, of course I have to say hello to them. But tomorrow I will begin my hike and hopefully I will post cool pictures and tell you all about it.

Otherwise things in my life are looking good. Things keep getting better and better. I’m happy. Still not where I want to be, emotionally-speaking, yet… but I now at least have full confidence in myself and can see the path in front of me.

I’ve gotten the best help, for my emotional struggles, from the strangest of places…. Jil on instagram. You should follow her. She’s good for your soul.

But you can’t marry her. If you try, I’ll kill you.