Light’s Hope

I’m really serious about Vanilla WoW. Starting just a few weeks ago, after that spitout with Blizzard, I regretted where I placed my money. Blizzard demanded 60€ for nothing, which I would never pay. So I decided on a whim to instead send that money to my old favorite private realm: Light’s Hope.

However, when I checked their donations page, I noticed a 430€ gap for a server bill due in under 24 hours. Personally, I don’t believe in coincidence, so I just quickly pulled out my card and covered the bill.

Impulse purchase. Which gave me nothing. But left me with no regrets at all. Since then, I’ve been turning an interest in Vanilla. I don’t have the time to play anymore. Just interest…

Well that interest has turned into obsession. The drama, humor, fun, the spirit of this realm is amazing. Contrasted to Blizzard’s live realms, which are pathetic and depressing.

Just a few days ago, I played with a French player who came back after a multi-year break. He was so dejected at the state of the game now. How the community of this game is so thoroughly extinguished.

Well he is right.

If there’s one thing I learned from the Vanilla projects, is that your memory is generally right. If things were “better back then”, well, they probably were.

I was doubting myself for so many years about this fact, until I played Elysium. I’ll never forget that feeling. Of realizing that your memories are right. You’re not crazy. Things are better this way.

This feeling pierced into other areas of my life, giving me hopes in things completely unrelated.

Anyway. Since there’s only a few months left in Light’s Hope, I don’t want anyone else to lose the chance to experience what it gave me. I vote for dramatic ending. On the day Classic releases. Don’t stop now when we’re SOO close.

So I’ve decided to personally cover all funding gaps until then:)

Make the most of it, guys. See you at the finish line! 😀