Running WoW 1.12.1 on a Mac

This guide is for members of Lights Hope, downloading my torrent on a Mac. You might encounter this error. If so, don’t panic. It’s totally my fault (I didn’t know that .app subfiles would be ignored by my torrent client). Luckily there is a solution! Step 1 Find a folder called “backups” Then unzip the […]

character boost poem

SO. I wanted to play WoW with the French. But by mistake I made a character on an English server and didn’t realize there were no French guilds until I ALREADY reached 120. And then I was like. Damn. What now? So since I barely played that character, I asked for a ‘re-do’, so to […]

keeping sense of humor

It is MY blog I can say anything I want to. I can even swear if I want to but I won’t. Cause that’s just rude. But yeah. I’ve been throwing myself into the fire in life, hoping that if I suffer enough, and work enough, that I might actually end up in a good […]