Pepper Spray?

The most harmless, harmful weapon on the planet is banned in France?

After getting mugged by 3 men with knives a few months ago here in Paris, I decided to protect myself. I went to a weapon shop to see what options I legally have in France. After looking around, I decided on pepper spray. I figured, for my intentions, it’s perfect. Just self-defense from muggers when walking home.

Oh BTW…. I was not only a victim of mugging, but I witnessed 3 muggings within my first 30 days here in Paris. I’ve seen it a lot. It’s a serious problem.

Anyway. Last week, I had it clipped onto my backpack strap when I was walking. And a cop randomly stopped me. He just asked “what is that” and I said pepper spray (but in French). Then he said I’m not allowed to have that!

I explained that I bought here and everything, which he understood, but told me that it’s only for guarding your house. By his words, he said “Guns are legal too, you can buy one of these”, he points to his holstered pistol, “but you can only keep it in your home. Not to be carried around.”

Guns I get. But PEPPER SPRAY? It truly leaves no mark! Sure it hurts like hell, but after several minutes you’re back to normal.

So it got me thinking, bigger. About all the joggers out there, victims of muggings, women walking alone, victims of dog bites… all these people are not allowed to defend themselves.

Like what are you supposed to do instead? Fight with your hands? That’s fine for me, being a fit man in my 20s, but what if you’re a woman? Are you just made to feel unsafe…

I really can’t imagine the rationale behind this law. It’s like you’re handing over a victory to criminals before they even start.

like NO WONDER there’s so many muggings in Paris. The criminals have absolutely nothing to fear! Just outnumber your target, like they did to me, and you’ll get away scotch free.