Getting Started Playing Vanilla WoW on Light’s Hope

You can play Blizzard-like World of Warcraft, the way it was meant to be played, thanks to the hard working volunteers at Light’s Hope.

Light’s Hope is a high-quality Vanilla private realm, that is completely free, with no paid services, run by an amazing group of people who really love this game. I highly recommend it.

To get started, make an account for free, here.

Next, you need to download the game, here (requires bittorrent).

After that, just double-click “WoW” to launch the game. Mac users need to take these extra steps to get it working.

Once you’re in, join the realm called “Northdale”, create your character, and enter the world.

From here on, you will be guided by in-game tips.

I wish you a very epic journey and remember to have fun!