motivation wavered

The last two weeks were tricky, it seems motivation can be mercurial sometimes. But I got a spark of inspiration today that brought it all back. Now I’m looking back on the past two weeks and seeing some destructive decisions I made and I’m mad at myself for it.

I’m determined to not let this happen again, and if it does, to terminate it asap.

Anyway, my short-term goals are pretty simple.

  • Reach certain milestone in my french study
  • Decide permanently how I want to use twitter
  • Take better photos for instagram
  • Eat healthier
  • Hang out with friends more
  • And a few other small things

See? Nothing too crazy in the short-term. I’m trying to do my willpower a favor by setting nearer goals. But my motivation, for now, really kicks in when I look at the bigger picture.

I’ve also come a long way on my positive thinking. It’s pretty much automatic now, so now I’m trying to go deeper and touch my core. Trying to remove old traumas and live the life I was really meant to. I’m kind of old to be doing all this now. But better late than never.

These past few weeks I’ve lost over 10% of my followers on twitter and over 20% on instagram. Just a complete mess, and I know very well why. For now, my goals are in the short term. And this is the perfect time to be making mistakes, while I’m still very small. I can reboot as many times as I need to before I become a success.

There’s no such thing as failure. Only accepting defeat.