so much i wanna do

Hi fish friends.

I can see myself doing so many things in life, how do I choose only one and give it my all?

For now, I’m going to keep living in the present and see where my heart takes me. But don’t be surprised if you see some twists and turns in the road ahead. I’m still figuring a lot of things out.

Right now I’m still working out inhibitors in my head, old habits, bad habits, and trying to align everything in my life according to one central goal. Like for example, if my goal is to one day be a great dad, then getting a job will be according to that, where I choose to live, studying french. But each of these goals on their own can drag me in different directions.

I decided, since I can’t yet settle on one big chief aim in life, then I’m going to live in the present for a while and just observe the trajectory that I fly on. Just like a sculptor chips away all the unnecessary stones in order to reveal a perfect statue, I will chip away paralyzing habits until all that’s left is one, smooth, flying soul.