motivation wavered

The last two weeks were tricky, it seems motivation can be mercurial sometimes. But I got a spark of inspiration today that brought it all back. Now I’m looking back on the past two weeks and seeing some destructive decisions I made and I’m mad at myself for it. I’m determined to not let this […]

so much i wanna do

Hi fish friends. I can see myself doing so many things in life, how do I choose only one and give it my all? For now, I’m going to keep living in the present and see where my heart takes me. But don’t be surprised if you see some twists and turns in the road […]

mom hates me

took me like three times writing this before I finally decided how I want to say it… but my mother fucking sucks. i mean, I don’t hate her or anything, that would be evil of me. I just pity her. She abused me. I have absolutely no positive memories of her from my childhood. Not […]