free speech

I’m not necessarily an advocate for free speech, but I am an advocate for fair speech.

So a few days ago I got banned on twitter for saying something “hateful” to donald trump. Who knew?

also of all places, Twitter, really?

Whatever. This is why I run a private blog. I want to say WHATEVER I want, whenever, and have it held up. I hate feeling like someone’s looking over my shoulder when I post.

So I guess if you ever why I don’t ever post updates to facebook and the like, it’s because of this.

Between all the shadow banning, prioritization of ideas, arbitrary deletion of content, I just don’t trust other companies to handle my blog. It’s better to fork over money and just host your own.

Like imagine, if facebook for example banned you permanently because of something you said. Or a picture you uploaded or something…. and you have years of content, years of your life all hosted with them, lost forever? Would suck huh?

Nobody even cares about what I say. I don’t read the metrics of my blog, but I can’t imagine I have any more than like, 2 followers. So basically, twitter cares more about what I have to say than real people do.

womp womp I’m just complaining on the internet, sorry!

but also not. It’s my site and I’ll do whatever I want muhahaha

I guess this does make me an advocate for free speech huh?