Haven’t blogged in a while and don’t really have much to blog about. So I’ll talk about one of my life goals I’m working on: learning French.

I reckon that I can learn it in less than 3 months of intensive study. So far I’m only 1 month in (and almost conversational yeah!) with a bit of experience from like… high school and self-study in Poland.

It’s one of my more aggressive goals in life and if I manage to pull it off, well… I guess I’ll feel really good about myself.

I keep motivated by thinking about long-term goals. I try and dream of the guy I want to be, the people I’ll talk to when I’m fluent, and a certain beautiful woman who curiously speaks French better than English. Individually, I don’t think any of my sources of motivation would be enough to facilitate aggressive study, but putting it all together enabled me to study 4+ hours daily quite happily.

So I guess that’s my advice for anyone in the same position. But don’t take it yet – because I’m not there yet. We’ll know if this works or not in a few months

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