looking for a guest

I’d like to invite someone to my youtube channel to talk to. Could be anything, if you disagree with me, agree, want to share a story, ask me for advice, discuss current events.

If you’re interested in coming on, send me a message on facebook.


behold corona-chan

really love this meme

and no I’m not taking the coronavirus seriously. Just like I said before the lockdown, I still have the same opinion. It’s nothing. It’s over-played, over-hyped nonsense. The damage done to society is not due to the virus, but due to FEAR. Fear destroyed the economies, fear locked you in your household, fear is the reason people are getting cited and arrested for just walking down the street. You guys suck, normies are stupid, and I LOVE CORONA-CHAN

This is the funniest, albeit lamest, disaster that’ll probably happen in my life. Let’s live it up and make the most of it.

So while we’re on lockdown, why not spread the love

Click HERE (age 18+ ONLY) to access my personal corona-chan folder. I’ll keep it updated as I continue to collect them. Enjoy!!


making the most of confinment

It’s been over a week now of confinement. Paris is shut down, the streets are mostly empty, and the police are on patrol making sure nobody leaves their apartments-turned-prisons.

Most people have turned to netflix and porn. Social media confirms this, but also the news. There is so much traffic across youtube and netflix that the internet infrastructure in France experienced problems. The French government asked providers to disable HD streaming — which they did. They also asked disney to delay their streaming service in France. So they did…

I can’t do this. I have too much pride and self-love. After these few weeks locked in my house, I want to show something for it at the end. I don’t understand these guys who just waste all their rare precious free time. Do you not care about your life ?

Some things I’ve been doing is trying to break out on youtube, practicing making lots of videos, and learning a fourth language. I’ve also been reading a lot and critically watching Disney feature films. It’s very fun and while I hate being alone cooped up by force with no freedom — I do appreciate the luxuries I have. There’s no shortage of anything, books to read, things to learn, internet, electric, hot water, nor food. It’s all here and really it’s just a sudden vacation. I love it. I can’t feel guilt for not going outside, because there is no choice but to stay inside.

So when you cocoon, what do you turn into after you hatch?