when you call a spade a spade

Today, a fat woman named Helene Sula decided to sick her 97k followers on me with an attack video after I made this crack on tiktok:

This resulted in an angry attack mob that raided all my social medias, called the police and made false reports, harassed my girlfriend, tried to disrupt my relationships with family and friends, tried to get me fired from my job, my personal information leaked online (including phone and exact address), stalked, threatened with death, and over 6000 hate comments across all social medias I have.

This phenomenon is called “doxxing” or “cancel culture”. It’s a new-age form of mob violence that is typically the result of a joke taken the wrong way, or someone being caught on candid camera when they’re having a bad day or moment. It’s anti-human behavior and abhorrent.

Now, in the heat of the moment, I wrote up an entry here where I dance in the spotlight. This article is, mostly, satire. However the emotions felt in it were completely real. When you’re hated so violently by a mob, would you cower? Would you run to your friend’s house for the night for safety? Would you turn off your phone?

I decided to dance in the danger. Continue reading if you dare.


i am not a baby parrot

This is to all the people on tiktok who keep saying I look like a baby parrot.

I do not


How to update paper minecraft server at command line in linux/ubuntu

You’ll need wget, so make sure it’s installed.

sudo apt install wget

Navigate to your minecraft server directory (modify this command as needed!)

cd ~/minecraft

Create a shell script with nano, naming the file “”


Press <Enter> and when nano opens, paste the following code


wget -v$paperver/latest/download -O server.jar

Make sure the second line is correct. You want it to match the version of your game. In my case, it’s 1.16.5, but you can choose any released version.

Also note, this script will save the update as “server.jar”. You can change this as needed to fit your start script.

When you’re done, press <Control> + O to save the file

then <Control> + X to exit nano.

One more step — make the file executable!

chmod +x

Now you’re finished. You can add this to your cron jobs for a regular update, or insert it into your startup script (recommended), or call it manually whenever you want.

to execute, simply type


If you have any trouble operating your paper minecraft server and can’t find the solution online, reach out to me and I’ll help you. I’m trying to give back to the community as they seem to be lacking enough experts. Which is fine, as minecraft is a game for kids who are often just now learning how to code! I was just like you at one point.