about me

i’m a skater, on rollers and on ice

i used to be a freelance programmer

but now i am traveling the world

with nothing but a backpack and a pair of skates

i live in paris

i’m originally from america

fredericksburg, virginia to be exact

i’m super interested in

  • bitcoin
  • world of warcraft
  • fantasy
  • psychedelia
  • roller skating
  • music
  • saving the world

my story goes something like this

I had an awesome american dream childhood until age 11 when my parents got divorced. Mother took full custody and abused me.

As a teenager, I found safety in computers, spending a lot of time on them, started playing World of Warcraft, I really became something talented. I became independent instantly after turning 18 and started as a Systems Administrator.

After a few years of working 8-5 I decided that I was bored. So I saved money, quit the job, and traveled the world at age 19.

Lived something like a hippie, working odd jobs and traveling a lot, visiting many countries and living in many places.

Stopped doing that at age 23, when I got two super nice jobs in LA working in a datacenter and film studio 🤍 Worked and saved my ass off, and later on, I quit and decided to work for myself.

I took the chance to move to Europe. Sweden at first, then France.

I lived in France for a few years, but then during the coronavirus lockdown I decided I wasn’t fulfilled with a calm life and craved to explore, once more, the world before I start a family; so I took a backpack and a pair of skates and now I’m traveling the world again.

My biggest dream in life is to start a family.

My biggest general motivation is making the world a better place.

k that’s all i’m giving you.

if you want more, then get to know me, wont you?