about me


A talented programmer who writes in PHP, python, and C. My specialty is cryptocurrencies. The depth of my understanding of bitcoin is complete mastery, down to source code level nuance. I have a comprehensive understanding of encryption up to the cutting-edge. As a teenager, I memorized common ciphers and created a few of my own.

  • 2003 — I started coding with HTML+JS when I was 12 years old
  • 2009 — I obsessed over encryption when I was 18
  • 2009-2014 — Systems Administrator over a few companies
  • 2015 — Started working for myself freelance

I have years of experience working as a Systems Administrator in a typical corporate environment, including for the Department of Defense, a medium-size datacenter, and an A-list film studio.

I have lots of pride and don’t tolerate delays and mistakes; I will spend an unlimited amount of time minmaxing my work. I think it’s this attitude that separates me professionally from other men. Just look at this blog. Click around. How many milliseconds does it take to load pages?

Personal Life

In brief…

  • Roller Skating
  • Surfing the Internet
  • World of Warcraft
  • Psychedelia/Mysticism
  • Fantasy
  • Saving the World
  • Autistic

My primary leisure is figure skating on rollers and sometimes on ice. I appreciate it how it returns my mind to the moment, it keeps me looking constantly only seconds ahead in time — rather than the scope of years in which I’m used to. It’s also a beautiful form of sport that blooms on pride, the type of pride that I have a lot of, unlike sports that harness aggression or concentration.

Aside from that, I spend a good deal of time on the internet or at the computer doing various things, making videos, making music, scrolling tiktok, posting on 4chan, watching anime, playing WoW, playing minecraft, tinkering. And so on. Always on a whim. But occasionally I’m working on something cool.

I’ve played World of Warcraft for years. I discovered it in 2006 if I recall correctly, and played it for nearly a decade. I have well over ten-thousand hours of playtime logged. Something unique about my playstyle is that I always played the exact same class and spec, never changing. I was a restoration druid from the very start and remain one to this day. I have never met anyone as me who is so dedicated to their identity. Everyone else seems to make alts, give in to their curiosity, trying out new specs, and so on. I just stuck with my class no matter if times were good or bad. After a while, I focused on weaknesses until I had none left. This made me exceptional. Even class-specific weaknesses (think rock/paper/scissors) like mages couldn’t defeat me anymore. I’m not saying that I’m the best or anything. I admire a lot of players. But my dedication to one class and nothing else certainly allowed me to push boundaries. My dedication for this game goes very far. It’s a deep part of my identity. At the end of Light’s Hope, I was the one who filled the funding gap and kept that server online until the very end. I’m starting a secret fansite. Plus some other things I can’t talk about yet.

I’m also something of an amateur mystic. I think it’s absolutely fascinating. I’ve taken LSD far more times than I can count. I’ve attempted to touch God and destroy my ego. While I remain as hyper-rational and autistic as I ever have, I know for certain there is more out there in the universe unperceived because we lack the senses to perceive it. For example, colors still exist regardless of if you have eyes or not. Likewise, there are forces out there we can exploit despite being blind to them. I’m never afraid to start using and exploiting that which I can’t understand. One obvious example is radio waves. If you told a man 1000 years ago that there’s invisible waves in the air, you can’t see, touch, taste, nor feel… but they’re there — he’d call you insane and dismiss you. But today, these “insane” men brought us mobile phones that call across the world instantly. I consider myself one of these “insane” men.

Which brings me to my last interest — one I have held my entire life. It’s also the hardest to explain…. fantasy. My favorite book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I don’t think most people appreciate just how profound this book is. There is something more to a dream. My story unfortunately is not beautiful, because my interest in fantasy started as an escape. I grew up in a dangerous household and abused by my mother. Fantasy was my safety. I’d close my eyes in my bedroom or stare at the ceiling and just “leave” this world and go to a better one. Doing this again, and again, gave me so much practice that I have so clearly defined the boundaries between this reality and the dream world. Hence the name of my website: Left Reality. If you’re an adult reading this, I invite you to dream. But if you’re a kid reading this, I urge you to do it. Fantasy changed my life. It is as important to me as my beating heart.

I’m passionate about serving others (or humanity). Very quickly in life, I answered all my questions. And despite years of working proudly, to years of living like a hippie, to traveling all over the world and meeting good people; I couldn’t find anything more that I want. Somehow serving myself was never enough. My cup has always been too full, always overflowing. Eventually around age 25, I realized my purpose is to serve others. So that’s what I’ve been doing since, how I decide my long-term plans.

It’s also worth noting that I am autistic. I joke about it a lot, it might seem ironic, but I am a full-force “spaghetti falling out of the pocket” autistic man who struggles dearly in social situations. I’ve overcome a lot. You couldn’t believe how awkward I was as a teenager. But it’s something I take in stride. And just like any other weakness, it’s something I try to turn into a benefit.