love the art galleries on my street. they change every week. here is an interesting one this week

je m'appel jacques and i love u a lot. i'm waiting tonite but 2morrow i'm not

amazing what a little exercise can do for your mood

when you take the sense of immediacy out of situation, your ability to solve problems is greatly expanded

Orange Public Wifi was slow as heck. Unusable.
I really struggled to connect to Free public wifi for some reason...
But luckily SFR public wifi saved the day with 3mbps download speed

Not perfect, but just enough to stream standard videos and keep all my files in sync. i'm happy

i am a genius

Due to a botched installation, i lost my home fiber internet connection. Needed something in the meantime, while i wait for a repair, so what I did was sign up for a public Wifi. Cloned the mac to my router and then configure my router as a wifi client on the WAN. Now I have internet (albeit much slower) on all the devices in my house seamlessly.

actually i just checked. Not *everything* she did to me has expired. Hmm 🤔

i wish my abusive mother was in prison

impossible though, because the statute of limitations is up. for what she did to me, at least.

But if anyone out there is being hurt by her today, i'll be your biggest ally in prosecuting her. Message me on facebook, /adrian.vanburen

I just remembered that my abusive mom is christian. 🥶

i dont understand why tho, because there's no chance whatsoever she is going to heaven 🥵🔥

I can put it in perspective for you.

Few years ago I was randomly thinking, "Do I have ANY positive memories from my childhood?"

So I started really thinking. And what i noticed was they were all with my dad, alone, or with friends/brothers/school. But never with mother.

Considering it odd, i dug deeper in my memory. There must be one surely?? I couldn't (and still can't) come up with one....

She hated me. I was a hated child plain and simple. hated by and trapped by my mother.

that's all i'll say for now.

Just, i'm feeling little.

I even told her outright, i'm sitting here with court papers, transcripts, everything from her pathetic divorce right under my thumb. Proof.

Didn't stop her. Absolutely no remorse for anything she did to me. Or my father.

I'm not going to spill everything in a microblog. But yeah. She is absolutely the most evil person I ever met. From age 21 to 50, just a glowing path of pure evil and abuse that is my mother.

I hate her so much. Really. She hurt me so much you guys have no idea

Eventually I get the number of the person I need and I talk to them.

Few days later I call my mother back. Know-- I havent spoke with her for like 9 years other than this one call. Just nearly a decade of silence. So i decide to get some things straight and some answers I always wanted to have. Answers any abused son would want to have.

So i talk to her for some minutes and confront her, as an adult, about how she treated me. And it was all lies. Just a firehose of lies and gaslighting

I made a huge mistake calling her. Basically, I found out my dad died. I was torn apart, crying, not knowing how to accept the news... so i wanted to talk to a specific person who i lost their number. Couldnt find their social media, but i knew mother had it.... so I called her, told her about my dad and asked for the number. She NEVER asks about how i'm doing, am I ok. NOTHING about me. Just goes on and on about herself. Like bitch, my dad just died and I'm a wreck. She has NO love for me

been feeling so little today. Like inferior, for no reason. Been like this ever since i spoke to my abusive mother 2 weeks ago

just chatting with a stranger (in french obv) and he asked if I was Canadian. Made me realize that i speak French with a north american accent... which makes me sound like i'm from québec.

désolé... mais non, je suis américain 😬🔫

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