when you call a spade a spade

Today, a fat woman named Helene Sula decided to sick her 97k followers on me with an attack video after I made this crack on tiktok:

This resulted in an angry attack mob that raided all my social medias, called the police and made false reports, harassed my girlfriend, tried to disrupt my relationships with family and friends, tried to get me fired from my job, my personal information leaked online (including phone and exact address), stalked, threatened with death, and over 6000 hate comments across all social medias I have.

This phenomenon is called “doxxing” or “cancel culture”. It’s a new-age form of mob violence that is typically the result of a joke taken the wrong way, or someone being caught on candid camera when they’re having a bad day or moment. It’s anti-human behavior and abhorrent.

Now, in the heat of the moment, I wrote up an entry here where I dance in the spotlight. This article is, mostly, satire. However the emotions felt in it were completely real. When you’re hated so violently by a mob, would you cower? Would you run to your friend’s house for the night for safety? Would you turn off your phone?

I decided to dance in the danger. Continue reading if you dare.

Written 22 May 2021… *after* she sent the attack mob, during the peak when my phone was vibrating nonstop all day long

Now, up until now, this hideous creature was actually someone I followed. No hard feelings toward. But man, I couldn’t resist this chance to make a good-spirited jab at this beached whale.

She posted a video boasting about how proud she was to be an average Jane Doe (until, you lay eyes upon her, of course!). She claimed to be “average this, average that, and have a perfectly average life”, despite concluding the video with how un-average she is and how exceptional her life is.

Well, nevertheless, I saw a golden opportunity here. Impressed by her ability to fit into the tiny screen in my hands, I wanted to compliment her on something ELSE which is perhaps… less-than-average. Something truly exceptional about her.

Her excessive weight.

My oh my. If that isn’t one of the fattest women I have ever seen in my life. You really must have enjoyed those German sausages, didn’t you Helene? When you travel, I’m sure the first thing you appreciate is the food, all before lauding about how refined and pure the American cuisine is. How you dream of your days in the drive through windows. The smell of hambur—

Well, let’s not get carried away now, shall we? This is a PG-13 blog after all!

At least, I did what any goodhearted man would do. I respected her! I wouldn’t let such a large, imposing beauty go unappreciated. I just had to make a response. I just had to let her know the truth.

Perhaps her insecurities were keeping down. Maybe she was just too humble. But her pitiful claims of being such an “average” girl broke my heart. I hate it when women think so low of themselves.

Being the great, dutiful man that I am. I kindly informed her that, Helene. You are not average. There is actually something far, FAR above average about you. Farther than I can even imagine.

The number of pounds you weigh.

My oh my Helene how big you are. You are the biggest girl I have ever seen, and I mean that with all my heart!

Like the red sea, the ground parts when you step foot onto it.

Like the ground, groups of men part when you walk forward.

Cows tremble in fear upon sight of you, knowing that they will soon reach their final destiny… inside you, forever.

Entire farms would go bankrupt if only you weren’t here.

But most importantly, you bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘feed’. And by that I mean my tiktok feed. I appreciate all the hard work you do. I know it’s not easy, each day, having to squeeze into such a tiny screen and make these videos. Probably just as hard as trying to squeeze into your oversized panties made from tied-together curtains.

Watching you boast about how your military husband drug your overweight ass on a XXL cargo ship all the way to Germany, while biting my nails hoping the strings on your shirt buttons don’t burst and send buttons flying into space… that was exactly what I needed to conclude my day.

Every once in a while, I even left a “like” on one of your videos.

But it seems that these days are now over. Following your bright reminder that “it’s 2021” and acting like women are the only ones getting rude comments online, rallying up your 97k followers to attack me and make hundreds of hateful comments about my body, all while mass-reporting me… oh Helene, then you blocked me.


How permanent that word is.

The spell is broken, I’m free. Free from your pull (and no, I don’t mean your intense gravitational pull, I don’t think anyone will be free from that)… I’m free from seeing you ever again.

This hideous face.

On my feed.

Forever, Goodbye

You fat bitch <3

good luck censoring this one! 😉

To view my censored stuff, check out my new page.

Here is some of the damage she caused:

  • Hundreds of people tried getting me fired
  • Several wasteful calls to the police
  • Over 6000 hate comments (and counting)
  • Mass reporting my videos to get innocent ones pulled down
  • My address and phone number discovered, hateful calls and SMS

This is called doxing or cancel culture.

Here’s a video of me scrolling through the comments… pause at any moment if you want to read some of them