How to improve customer service in France

Buy items from American companies like

That’s it.

You see a new apple computer you want? Find it in store, order on amazon.

Cool book from FNAC? Leave them empty handed after ordering it on your phone from an american company.

Competition will force them to start treating you better. Talk with your wallet and your feet. Don’t tolerate bad service. I don’t care what “Emily in Paris” says, the French need to learn this lesson.

Bank abroad.

As a bonus, I’ll suggest banking with N26 or any of the other non-French european banks. I have accounts in several non-French banks where I keep all my money. I will not make any more deposits here! Fuck you société générale! 😘

Why does this work?

Because banks give loans and earn money from your deposits and fees. It also takes money outside the borders of France, where the French government will not consider it in national tallies. It makes the country, as a whole, poorer.

The effect one person has can be incredible, thanks to fractional reserve banking. For example, if you have 100 thousand euros in the bank, the bank is able to loan up to (and profit from) 1 million euros in debt. If you don’t make that deposit — they can’t make that huge loan.

So put your money only in good banks. Do not have loyalty to any bank not for any second. The moment you are harmed by your bank or feel bad customer service — ditch them and move to another. It only takes an hour to open a new account.

Your decisions, whether you mean to or not, have an impact on humanity. Raise your awareness and make sharper decisions and the state of society will follow.

Also if you’ve never been to America, just go. Seriously. Go. And eat at our restaurants (yes, where you’re expected to leave a tip). Tell me how it feels. When you come back, you’ll understand everything I just wrote here.

And ok one more.

I also want to suggest using Free as your telcom provider. They aren’t the small company they used to be, these guys are the real deal. They are customer-orientated, and while not quite as autistic as the Germans and Swedes, these guys are pretty damn close; all of their computers run on linux. They offer for free, a home server and static IP. Advanced features on the cell phone. Biggest 5G network so far. These guys look to the future, while the Orange, SFR, and Bouygues line political pockets.