what’s about to happen to france

The government of France has over-reacted to the COVID crisis, choosing to lockdown the country to home confinement, closing all businesses and installing curfews, for the reason of “hospitals are at capacity”; despite the virus existing for a year now and being fully understood.

A year. It’s been around for a year, and the hospitals are still at capacity? Why not, perhaps, instead of stopping the entire country of millions, to instead build new hospitals and shelters like China did? China built a 3000+ bed shelter in TWO DAYS and France can’t augment their capacity in an entire year? China is open right now. Full force.

Anyway, that’s just one misstep the French government made. There will be a price for their mistakes, and I want to tell you here now what is about to happen.

So what now?

Along with the impending rapid inflation (possibly hyperinflation) of the USD, and the measure the French took, there will assuredly be a economic crisis similar to the great depression.

France is currently the most amoral nation in europe —

  • French men lie with the least resistance and temptation
  • Nearly all French men and women have affairs and boast about this fact to their friends, it’s just a common understood thing
  • Nearly all French girls in university are prostitutes
  • The French are abhorrently lazy demanding low work hours and having unreasonable expectations
  • French employees have a perverted mentality of service, often expecting the customer to serve them
  • Most French men suffer from a Peter Pan complex, never leaving boyhood and acting immature as adults (cops dancing in the street, infantile hobbies and outlooks, and so on)
  • The French are notoriously vain
  • French men prefer to be popular than to be right
  • When someone else is right and being attacked, French men will rarely step in or step up to help them
  • Envy is rampant in France, underscoring everything from government policy, to advertising, to friendships. Wealthy men have to keep their status a secret in France, lest they be attacked.
  • The French, in general, do not think, and are quick to get angry. Say just one small thing outside of the status-quo and you’ll get a fist to the face… metaphorically or literally…

These are all terrible problems that I have found particular to France. They are simply viceful people.

But I suggest that all of this will soon sharply and suddenly END, due to the economic crisis that is about to arrive.

The reason is, these vices need prosperity in order to survive. All of these lame hedonistic pleasures the French cherish now, are only made possible because they’re sitting on a fountain of wealth, especially since the end of WWII. Without the wealth, the French will have no choice anymore but to start acting moral again.

What this means is the country will soon get drastically better. The quality of life will improve, the quality of service, the quality of relationships. France is one of the best places to be in the world right now, because you’re on the brink of a new society.

I anticipate this will happen in at least three phases

1 ) Suffering

The viceful will start to suffer and get angry. There will probably be attacks on rich people and households. You’ll probably see something like South Africa or Brazil where wealthy men will need to build walls around their homes and hire 24/7 guards to keep their family safe.

The viceful will suffer dearly, I doubt to the point of starving, I don’t think anyone will starve unless the government messes up, but you will see people working 24 hour shifts at work. People will take any job they can get and they’ll be happy and so grateful for it. 24 hours in a factory 3 days a week? Hell yes!

This hard work will force the viceful to reflect. Their first response will be to double-down on their vices. Which obviously will bring no benefit. Eventually most of them, sauf the most evil of them, will break and become good men eventually.

Thus, we’ll see an entire generation again of good men who hate evil men, raising the next generation of good men. Things will get better for a long time following this event.

2) Rebuilding

Stuff will start to matter unlike before. Like a common problem in France is bad plumbing. There is no reason that a first world country should have such a mundane problem like this anymore, we have evolved past this. But the French still do. These problems will no longer be tolerated as men start taking their jobs more seriously and a general spirit of “attention to detail” starts to emerge.

The French have always been good at cooking, art, and being social. Very emotionally flexible things. You have a lot of wiggle room in this stuff to change and make mistakes while still making something good. But the French have never been good at rigid things like engineering, programming, or building. There is zero room for error in the realm of reality, things have to be as perfect as possible and done with the most precision as possible. I anticipate the French will start taking this sort of work more seriously now. We might see, finally, good quality engineers and programmers emerging from France again. There might be global startup tech companies born here (right now there are none).

Family life and relationships will raise seriously in quality. Affairs will likely become a thing of the past and again a shameful act unlike the proud act it is now. I think families in general will be more cherished and kids will have a better life. Schools will be taken more seriously.

Law and order will be somewhat restored. But it will not be perfect. The French police are bad, they’re immature, violent, and corrupt. I believe their problems will actually survive the crisis and they’ll come out the same on the other end. But organically and democratically from the people, we might start seeing politicians being forced to take law and order more seriously. People will still be French, rebellious, and egotistical… but I expect some more shame to be sloshed onto incivilities.

And lastly, liars will not be tolerated anymore. When you are in a state of maximum suffering, the last thing you need is someone telling you white lies. Even the faintest of lies will be abhorred. Everyone will quickly know who their friends are, and the attitude they have now of “it’s better to be popular than to be right” will be reversed, and instead most French will soon prefer to hear harsh truths than beautiful lies.

3) New France

At the end of it all, I expect the new emerging France to come out the other side in a state of prosperity. In the end, it’ll look something like Canada or Germany does today. They’ll be very rich again. It’ll have more order and less chaos. And the vices that plague us are gone. Neighborhoods will be safer than they have been in a long time, you’ll be able to walk the streets of Paris at night again, the police will actually come in decent time if called, things like plumbing and public transport will work. In the end it’ll all be good.

I guess the French finally had to collapse on the sword of their vices, given they didn’t have the strength to hold it up much longer.

“The hospitals are at capacity, we need to lockdown all of France” — this will sound like such a joke in the future. French men of the future will instead say:

“The hospitals are at capacity? Well China built 3000+ bed hospitals in TWO DAYS…. you reckon we can do it in only one?”