women as a weapon

Part of the reason China’s economy is suddenly booming is because they have far less women than men. They’re scheduled to be the largest economy by 2028.

During the one-child policy, millions of female babies were aborted, causing the gender balance today to drastically lean toward men; this was because it was more useful to the family to have a grandson.

Keep that in mind, when I remind you that over the course of a woman’s life, from birth to death, she will take $150,000 more from taxes than she’ll ever pay (pre-2020 value). Also 80% of all spending in the USA is made by women, despite women earning on average much less than men do.

This is because women are vampires and sap men. They raid the government for money, they raid their husbands, fathers, boyfriends, and sons for money. They would be parasites if it was not for the fact they offer one useful service to us all: childbirth.

But I want to suggest another useful service. Weaponry.

Today a lightbulb illuminated in my head. I always knew the one-child policy would have awesome economic results for China, but today I flipped it upside-down…. Since having more men drastically helps the economy, then having more women would certainly destroy it.

We are in a new age of warfare, unlike in the past where we use stones and arrows, swords and shields, bombs and tanks… today we use intelligence, hacking, and economic warfare. We don’t shed blood anymore. At least, we soon don’t. War of the future will probably be bloodless, with attacks solely on things like a nation’s economy.

I suggest we manufacture women. Either naturally, or in test tubes, just somehow give birth to lots of girls. Girls are so hard to kill, because it causes such a stir in the hearts of men. Men simply cannot kill women. When push comes to shove, it’s always women and children off the sinking ship first.

So let’s combine the forces of women and children. Like a baby stork dropping off a new born baby, let’s air raid lots of female babies onto enemy lands. Day after day, just dumping (with parachutes) millions of female babies onto their cities. Because of the hearts and sentiments of humans, they’ll have to take them in as refugees, they’ll be unable to kill them, it will cost them so much money and resources just to raise them….

….but most importantly of all, they will be women. These girls will grow up into women and absolutely annihilate the economy and bring the country to ruin.

They are an irresistible force, too, because once they become teenagers, these weapons of war will be so beautiful and attractive for the men of this nation. They’ll be competing for few men because of the gender imbalance, causing men to have more than one girlfriend and wife, destroy marriages (economic consequence), and the men will be so foolishly happy to have so many beautiful women to have sex with. They’ll feel like they’re in heaven.

When actually they’re in hell. As their economy is overtaken, we can swarm in and occupy their government and take over the country. They won’t be able to afford a resistance, and their men will be too sedated in hedonistic pleasures to even want to stop us.

Well, that’s it. Just wanted to put it out there. You know…. doing my part to make more love and less war.