i didn’t write this

but I FEEL this…

2020 was AWESOME

watching the normies cry and cry about 2020 is actually pretty funny, their whole world fell apart in 2020 and they kill themselves over it, but people like me who have lived in perpetual hell most of our lives , nothing really changed, the fact is, after i lost my job, i got paid 2000 a month to stay home, eat pizza, get high and troll the internet for 10 months straight . sure i been stuck in my room for 10 months straight but the solitude doesn’t bother me. its been a gift and since i have been through horrific traumatic shit already, this has been a holiday for me. all those stuck up normies have been losing their shit all year and i am just sitting here laughing at everyone.. anyone else? not even trying to be edgy. its just the way its been