tiktok stopped me!

this is amazing, do you know any other service that does this?

Could you imagine your TV telling you “ok, that’s enough, turn me off now”

Or youtube, instagram, facebook… all these sites people ae addicted to. While these companies are scrambling for attention and screen time at all costs…. what does tiktok do?

This. They stopped me.

The caption reads “Isn’t it late? Go ahead and sleep, you can continue again tomorrow.” With a link underneath saying “Electronic Health TikTok”

They actually CARE about me. They care about me more than grabbing petty screen minutes. They’re happy to let you off for the night, give you a polite and cute warning, a link to a “electronic health” page if you need to see it, and they do it automatically when you browse too much.

This is amazing! I have always been under the impression, that companies must compete with symmetrical warfare in capitalism. But this seems not. Visionary companies, like tiktok, understand the value of trust and love. So guess what? I will give it back to them!

Instagram sucks now anyway. It has already peaked and facebook bought instagram just to ruin it so that they don’t compete against each other.

If you haven’t already — check out tiktok, it’s awesome. It’s unlike anything else out there right now.

Oh and the warning is not by force. If you want, you can just swipe up their “goodnight video” and continue browsing if you desire.