Bounty raised for vanilla WoW

I’ve raised my bounty for the source code of Vanilla WoW Client (original version 1.12.1) to $25,000

I’ll pay cash or bitcoin to whoever puts this code in my possession. I don’t need to know who you are. If we meet, it’ll be anonymous. I don’t work for Blizzard and I am in fact in opposition to them, so I will do everything in my power to protect you. You can also find me at blizzcon or one of my friends. You can talk to them there.

The ideal way to deliver it is to put it all in a 7zip file, encrypt it with a long password, then send it to me along with the compile instructions. When we meet, I’ll already have it downloaded and you’ll give me the password face-to-face, I will then compile it to verify the checksums match the checksums of 1.12.1 and then pay you. That’s it.

If you don’t want to meet face-to-face, then we can work out something at a distance using a neutral escrow. I’ll put the money in escrow, you give me the code outright, and I’ll verify the checksums after compile. If they match, I tell the escrow to release, if I deny it or something, then you just give the code to the escrow and he’ll compile it. If checksums match, then he’ll release the funds regardless of my will.

Anyway don’t worry if you don’t understand this. If you’re an artist/manager/janitor and don’t know much about checkums and stuff — just call me, get in touch somehow, and I’ll walk you through all the steps. We can keep it simple and you can just put it all on a USB drive or something. I don’t care who you are nor how you do it. I just want that code. So don’t hesitate to reach me.

Contact info is here.