why is everybody sad

Like, now. Everybody is sad and wanting more. I’m like why can’t you just be happy? Plus it’s you, normies, who asked for the government to install these covid measures. Aren’t you thankful to get what you wish for? Welcome to the head of a normie… a vast, void, illogical, wasteland.

You guys suck, you know. You’re only happy when things are going well. The moment things get hard, you get sad. Forever a slave to external force.

Good riddance to you, I am happy as can be.

Hardship shows who is strong against who is weak, it really turns up the contrast. Weak, lousy men can hide under the veil of prosperity and larp as if they’re on our level. (Tip: you’re not!)

hah hah 😘

If that’s the case, and if it’s inescapable (thankfully not), then I say bring on suffering forever. Show yourselves, sad boys!