old school trance

What happened to Trance like this?

I’ve been listening to this genre since high school. It’s my favorite genre. It since changed it’s name to “Nightcore” (more or less) and then nightcore became popular one day because of streamers and became completely subverted by normies. Now, both of these genres are lost to degenerate hollywood chart music and synthetic, purchased melodies with shallow lyrics.

Now before I go into my utter disdain and bloodlustingly feral hatred of the normies, I just want to ask… where did this genre go? I lost it.

If you’re a normal person, fuck off. But if you actually understand and appreciate this music, please send me a message, tell me where I can find this now. At this point in my life, I don’t want to just appreciate this music, but I also want to create it for the next generation of men (or boys) like me…

This one is my number-one favorite song of all time. Ever since I discovered it when I was a boy… nothing ever took its place.
This is the remix of the first song posted at the top of this page. I like them both. Which do you like better?:)