4chan 2020 election thread archive

I was browsing 4chan during the election and kept this thread up. It turned out to get thousands of replies and was unusually interesting. I’m putting it online in PDF format as a time capsule. It would be a shame if this exceptional nugget of culture was lost forever.

It’s over 700MB and definitely NSFW…. 18+ ONLY.

Download it here.

EDIT (5th Feburary 2021) — Incredible that I actually uploaded this the next morning, well before any fraud claims came out. That was just a huge coincidence, I really did just upload this for the cherished culture. But in light of what ended up happening, I’ll be sure to leave this up forever. It’s an honest view of what went down that night and I can attest first-hand it’s real because I sat there watching the thread all night (while eating junk food with my feet on the desk).