quality of life is about to significantly improve

This is for you if you’re thinking about your future, especially if you’re displaced or lost your job recently.

In recent years, people have rushed into cities, ditching the countryside and suburbs. The style of life is much different in cities, you have a weak sense of community and are an anonymous face among literal millions. In the countryside however, while having no opportunities, you have a community that is very close. Antisocial people don’t often live out there because they’re ostracized.

The result of people, naturally, desiring to live a better life sent all the best among us — the most intelligent, I mean — into the cities. That will soon change, and that will be the key reason that life is about to get much better.

Right now, in the countryside, especially in Second and Third World nations, electricity is unreliable and blackouts are normal. It’s often installed incorrectly and needs to travel long distances. It is expensive, especially if you depend on it for heat or A/C. This will soon change. In the near future, all homes will have high-performance solar panels on their roofs and a large electric cache to power the home at night. Electricity will not be cheap — it’ll be free. Without any utility bills or contracts. The price of the roof will be cheaper than the cost of an existing roof.

Cars will be cheaper and will drive themselves. Just like the gasoline car replaced horses, the autonomous car will replace driven cars. It’ll be a feeling of embarrassment to drive your own car, except for certain cases like nostalgia. You wouldn’t drive a horse to work, dealing with all the (literal) shit. Likewise you won’t drive a car either.

The cars will be significantly cheaper. You will not pay for fuel. It’ll be completely free. This is because you’ll charge the car in your house when you’re home each night, and your electricity is free.

If you’re unwilling or can’t afford your own electric car, then you’ll still be fine, as Uber will lower their prices to pennies for each ride. It’ll be cheaper to summon a driverless Uber than it would be to buy a present-day bus ticket.

Ubers and taxis will be on-call worldwide, even in the most tiny villages. This is because they don’t need drivers. Companies can send cars hours out, for free, and the car will just rest inside the village like parked in the center of it. You only need one or two cars to serve an entire village. As people call it with their smartphones, it comes, drives them, and then returns to it’s little spot in the village. Now if you live a ways away from the village, you’re still able to live without a car because you can schedule your rides in advance. If you need to arrive at work at 8am sharp every weekday, then you just program that into the phone and the car will be waiting at your doorstep every morning at precisely the right time.

Cars will be significantly safer. Since computers will guide them, crashes will be rare — so rare in fact that it’ll make national or international news when it happens. Kind of like the way plane crashes do today. It’s so rare that a plane crashes, despite over 100.000 flights per day, that when it does it becomes a real shock. That will be your passenger car. So parents will feel completely safe sending their kids to school or their grandparents home by car alone. They’ll just call the car, the car comes, load the kids and send them off.

Very-high speed internet will be worldwide, on every single corner and mountaintop, with perfect coverage. This means, unlike today, you will not have an advantage by living in the (or near the) cities. This allows your high salary programmers to live far out in a comfy village with no sacrifice whatsoever to their ability to work. They get to enjoy the life of living in a real community, like people did for so long in the past millennium, while benefiting from a modern career. As all jobs turn to technology, we’ll see a lot more of this.

Virtual reality will allow people to work in virtual offices with much better decoration, atmosphere, scenic views, etc. Everyone can have a corner office. Your commute will reduce to zero as your simply enter the “VR room” in your house, put on the headset and start your day. As you need to talk to clients, even across the world, you will simply “virtually teleport” there. If you have trouble understanding this paragraph, then look up “World of Warcraft” or “Second Life” and imagine playing these games with a perfect VR system that captures all five of your senses and listens too all inputs, like eye movements, voice, body movement, heart rate, skin temperature, etc.

If you need to physically be across the world in a short time, this will be possible by high-speed underground tunnels that span the entire planet. You’ll never need to leave your car. Just hop in your driverless car, tell it you want to go to Tokyo, and it’ll route itself underground and you’ll be there in a matter of hours, or sooner. The car will most likely enter some sort of “pod” that is able to travel at a very high rate of speed and then automatically depart the pod after it arrives at the correct city. From there, the car finishes the trip to the exact address by itself, just normally driving.

Crime as we know it will completely stop. There will still be crime and evil men. But as we know it today, it’ll completely cease. Zero. Facial recognition and international ID cards will empower businesses to requisition the identity of a thief caught on camera from the police. The police will then issue an arrest warrant. His location will be instantly discovered by his cell phone. He’ll be arrested within seconds. Places like London and Wilmington Delaware will become the safest cities on earth as they are under public CCTV surveillance. Families with kids, who wouldn’t dream of living in these places now, would be overjoyed to live there soon, as these streets will be the safest on Earth. Also, all temptations to steal will eventually be engineered away, for example, bus drivers (let’s pretend they still exist) will not accept cash. It’ll all be electronic. So the temptation to commit violence against a bus driver will no longer be there, as he no longer carries cash… there is simply nothing to steal. These sorts of evolution will occur in all areas of life.

Back to the beginning, with so many people choosing village life and moving out of the cities, you will see a return of the sense of community that humanity has lost in the past hundred years. The result of this will be another renaissance. Art, invention, happiness, music, parties, sex, love, community will reach a level you can barely imagine now. But I’m trying to help you. The difficulty with predicting something like art is, you need to be a good artist in order to see it. Anyone can envision destruction. Destruction is easy, you just take what already exists and imagine it ruined or gone. But imagining something that doesn’t exist yet, especially beautiful things, is impossible unless you are an artist with a skill level high enough to create it. So for what that’s worth, just try to imagine the results of these new innovations.

If this sounds like sci-fi, well I guess you’re right. But I want to remind you that all of these innovations are real and are less than 10 years away. They will come so fast. So my advice to you is to prepare yourself. Sell your flat in the city and move out to the country now, while it’s still cheap, if you desire to. The correct time to brace for this future is now. It’s nearly arrived. ✌🏻