“the easy way”

Previously when I learned something new or turned my dreams into reality, I would always seek out the easiest way to do it. Now, I love challenge. The reason for this is a long story and not important, but it made me notice something:

A large part of the reason normal people fail or give up on their goals is because they, too, seek the easy way. The very concept of challenge, for typical men, is enough to make them quit. Challenge produces dread for them. They dread the effort. The dread builds. The dream ends.

I can’t judge, because I used to be just like this. I just want to suggest to you, if you find yourself avoiding challenge, to learn instead to love it. When I am faced with challenge now, I am excited, not dreaded.

The results are incredible, too. As I do new things or fulfill my dreams, I am picking up new talents that I otherwise wouldn’t along the way. This is because I automatically go the extra kilometer, rather than constantly scan for shortcuts. These talents become useful later on, for random unrelated stuff, and the effect compounds.

The core of all this benefit is simply learning to love challenge.