my government school teacher gave me a D on this poem

I wrote this poem when I was 12 years old for a school assignment. I actually remember working very hard on it. Rhyming and creative writing always came hard to me. But I stomached through all my autism and, to this day, I still remember every word of it.

The title of the poem is called:


Sit, stay
get out of my way!
Hop up and play
all through the day.
It sits and waits
for you to come back,

My narcy government-funded school teacher thought a D was a suitable score for this beauty. I remember feeling so brokenhearted, as the I read the big letter D written across the top of my paper. As an adult now, my vision is much clearer. Now I see this was actually a pretty clever poem.

Haha I love it

Also being an adult rules; nobody grades you for stuff anymore!