Lost CPS Report 1

I found this today, in my memory. An old child abuse report that one of my 7th grade teachers should have made, but it seems they forgot…

Report of Suspected Child Abuse
Date: 16 January 2002

Child name:
Adrian Van Buren, 12 May 1991
12 years old

Parent Name:
Amanda Blalock, 11 Feb 1969

Referrer Name:
7th Grade Teacher, Middle School, USA

This student has come to class every day this 
month, sobbing. The crying is unexplained by 
anything happening in the classroom. He's not 
being bullied. He just comes in the class, 
sits down for some minutes, and eventually 
will burst into tears. I've generally asked 
him to sit out in the hallway until he calms 
down, afterward which, he returns to put his 
head on the desk and naps the remainder of 
the class.

He's not focusing on his work, especially 
after the crying fits, and when I ask him 
what's wrong, he refuses to tell me. From 
all I can tell, he doesn't have any problems 
here at school. I think there is something 
going on in his homelife that is causing him 
to feel this way. Today I'm going to send him 
to the school counselor to see if she can 
better understand what is going on; as well 
as this report in case my fears are true 
about his homelife.

Mrs. Schoolteacher 

There is no consequence for good-faith reports that lead to dead ends.

If you suspect something, just make the report. Children are helpless.