shadowlands releases in 40 days

…and I’ll be there.

I’m going to go all-out, too, in this expansion. I’ve decided I’ll be the best restoration druid in the world.

Whether or not I’ll be the best in PvP or PvE is unclear right now, because ever since burning crusade, blizzard has been putting walls in raids to prevent very skilled players from rushing far ahead of the rest of the world. Which is really a stupid policy. It’s anti-elite. It’s like you want to keep your playerbase dumb and casual.

They’ve also added death limits, or wipe limits, giving you like 25 attempts for each boss before you have to wait until raid reset.

Oh! And they also added all these difficulty levels now. Idk man. I never followed this shit carefully. But it’s like “Normal” “Heroic” “Mythic” and then “Mythic PLUS”… like they run out of ideas.

But really the labels are upside-down. It should instead be like…

  • Mythic plus is normal
  • mythic is easy
  • heroic is for retards
  • and normal is just charity; welfare epics.

Believe me, when I take over this company, I’ll fix all this dumb shit.

But yeah this anti-elite barriers make it kind of difficult to be the best, when the system stops people from doing so. Oh I forgot proc bonuses, making it virtually impossible to fill out in BiS gear.


I’ll seeeeee. If I can’t be the best in PvE, then I’ll be the best in PvP and just top all boards worldwide for restoration druids. So if that is something you have dreamed of, I apologize but this place is unavailable to you, you’ll need to select a different class or something if you want to be the best in something. Because I’ll be druid.