despair is not rational

…because time exists.

Despair would make sense if we had no time. If everything was frozen still forever, then sure, your problems will never be solved.

But we have time, and time changes things. It’s a big changer. Just touches everything, everywhere, and changes it.

Now my idea comes into play with the idea that time lasts forever. If it does, then everything that could ever happen, will happen. Even if there’s a one-in-a-million shot, like hitting a golfball in a hole in one on your very first try, well… eventually in enough given time, it will indeed happen.

Even if you needed to be reborn, all the chaos that manifested you, into your unique DNA and situation, will happen again and you’ll have another shot. You might not remember the “past you” however :p

Anyway that’s it. As long as you’re still swimming through the realm of time, despair is never rational. Always always always have hope, no matter how impossible something seems. Everything is impossible until someone does it. Everything. Flying, flashlights, cigarette lighters. You just take it for granted now.

Wow all those birds can just fly whenever they want. I wish I could fly, but it’s impossible.

Us intelligent cavemen know the only way to start a fire is with a lot of trained, focused effort. Grinding and patience. Starting fires instantly is impossible.

The sun sets and then it’s dark all night. You can light a candle if you want or something, but creating your own light is simply impossible.