primordial sounds

There’s so much stuff they dont teach you. so here is one

Humans speak languages with thousands of words, but the sounds we make have emotional effects.

Before language, there were primal utterances that no one ever taught you. You were just an animal in the forest with other monkey-like creatures. Not conscious, before humanity began, just animals. These primal utterances were how you communicated. They are genetically embedded within us and understood by all — take one pre-human as a newborn and raise him alone with no influence and he’ll use and understand the same utterances.

Here are a few:

  • “Ahhhh” either loudly or quietly will call for attention from others
  • “Oh” Long vowel, signals impartial understanding
  • “Bib bib bib!” Spoken with a deep voice signals humor
  • “Meh” go away, but could mean more
  • “Low” Rhythmic, used when singing or playful
  • “Dee” Signals lightheartedness, lets the other people know things are fine in your mind.

So take the last three “Meh low dee” and you have “melody”. This word actually has a meaning and definition in English, but the sounds that the word is made of also have a emotional root. Know this allows you to write very clever poetry and music lyrics. This effect is amplified when you cross languages, when one word can be boring in one language; it might have a different emotional phonetic in a different language. This leads to different cultures valuing different words more than others and offers a new reason to keep the world multilingual.

That’s it.

Nearly every sound a human can make has an emotional resound to it, I listed just a few, can you uncover them all? 😉