malcompliance is not a capital offense

Nobody deserves to die for malcompliance.

I just watched the full, unedited version of the Rayshard Brooks incident. After looking at the response to this, I want to address one common theme I saw:

People will always make mistakes, and they’ll always do it with varying degrees of severity. But mistakes should never result in death, or at least extra-judicial punishment.

The other part is this idea of blind, bootlicking compliance. Of course people should obey their police and handle unlawful or immoral orders via the proper channels, but in cases where someone does not, the punishment should never be extra-judicial death. There are always loads of options the police can choose from before resorting to killing.

In this case, if you saw the video, they already had his ID. His crime was alleged drunk driving. He wasn’t attempting to flee by car but on foot. The cops could have just let him go, let him run, and instead file an arrest warrant. Very soon he’ll be traced down and arrested peacefully (or voluntarily turn himself in) after he sobers up.

I also assert that ego is at play and is the real reason he died.

But that’s it. Just think carefully at what you’re saying when you say something like “He wouldn’t be shot if he just did what he was told”. Police are men too, they are no more righteous than anyone else, their commands are always imperfect.