men don’t have a natural interest in oppression

Because they are sexually competitive and adore ideas like hierarchies (military, even being ordered to death), they don’t understand the type of person who values their life and wants to express it. Men often look for leadership and guidance to fill holes in their heart. The idea of being “oppressed” doesn’t even cross their mind.

Women do, however naturally understand oppression. They feel certain emotions and intuitive thoughts that men do not.

What I want to suggest to you, if you’re a man, is to value the lives of others if they are different than you. You might like rules and structure, but the next guy might not. He might even be dreadfully incompatible with your sense of rules.

Women have nothing to offer but pleasure and their wombs. Aside from that they’re essentially slaves. They cannot resist us no matter how much they ever wish to. For example, if all men in the world decided tomorrow that women should all be shackled in chains and enslaved, stripped of all rights, then it would happen instantly and effortlessly. There would be no war. We would overpower them so trivially easily because they are far weaker than us.

What this means is, especially as it relates to women, but I suggest all people, is to try and bring a sense of “breaking out of oppression” into your consciousness, even if you don’t personally desire it. By doing so, you’ll be more compatible as friends with far more people and have a better relationship with women.

This was something I’ve learned in recent years. I used to be proudly ruthless only to see that I burnt bridges.