behold corona-chan

really love this meme

and no I’m not taking the coronavirus seriously. Just like I said before the lockdown, I still have the same opinion. It’s nothing. It’s over-played, over-hyped nonsense. The damage done to society is not due to the virus, but due to FEAR. Fear destroyed the economies, fear locked you in your household, fear is the reason people are getting cited and arrested for just walking down the street. You guys suck, normies are stupid, and I LOVE CORONA-CHAN

This is the funniest, albeit lamest, disaster that’ll probably happen in my life. Let’s live it up and make the most of it.

So while we’re on lockdown, why not spread the love

Click HERE (age 18+ ONLY) to access my personal corona-chan folder. I’ll keep it updated as I continue to collect them. Enjoy!!