getting started on youtube

man i feel like my life is really taking off and I am so happy.

For right now, I’m getting started on youtube. I think I figured the social media thing out. The big secret is that you need to offer things to people in order to be successful. So right now my question is what do I have to offer.

It’s a bit tricky to answer. So I’ll try a lot of things that I love and see what works. I’ll talk about my ideas, skating, singing, etc… whatever I feel like and then stick with it.

Twitter is a failure because of the moderation. The random bans. The leadership on that platform left me feeling very alienated and the community at large is very toxic. I actually don’t mind all that, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…. but the random bans is what did it for me. So now I just use twitter to follow a few certain people and I deleted the thousands of tweets i made over the years. au revoir I guess.

Instagram took me some time to figure out. Like a lot of time. The puzzle for me was finding its purpose. What need does it fill in people? Why does it mostly attract women and not men? What I learned is that it’s about sharing your sexual market value to the world. So women pose photos in epic safety, men post photos in epic danger — the epitome of (visual) human sexual attraction. Once I figured that out, and after an entire year of mistakes, I realized that I can show the world my skating skills and me in dangerous situations. It doesn’t have to be epic, just uncomfortable. For example, I did extreme cold weather hiking and nearly died lol… well that makes a good photo for a man. Another was trying out a bleeding-edge new gaming technology… also good. Basically if you’re a man, you want to show yourself in “epic danger” — interpret that however you want. and women, their best photos are always in “epic safety”. Think about it with an open mind — then you’ll know how to use IG effectively.

Anyway, I intend to make my IG a skating account, so soon I’ll start posting cool tricks etc.

Well, back to youtube. I’m having so much fun making these videos. It’s not like I even wanted to do this… I just had to. You know? Do you ever feel like that? Like there is a part of me that KNOWS I can make a great YT channel. I can do it! I know it! So I have to… you know? It’s not like I’m *not* going to do it… i just have to.

I feel like a lot of things I do are like that. I think the word is fatalism. I’m just lucky I’m having so much fun in the process.

And not to forget facebook. It’s a tricky one. You shouldn’t post on there. The days of posting are gone, so many reasons for that. But you can link your IG story and give people expiring updates and that’s much safer. The main benefit of FB is the messenger, groups, and parties. I don’t always take peoples number or email… but somehow we always end up friends on facebook… so it’s easy to connect with old friend. The groups are for meeting people. EVERYONE organizes their groups on facebook in Europe. I wish we used VK or something else, because — whatever. Doesn’t matter. The point is you have to have a FB to keep up with your friends, interests, or sports groups. The last reason is events and that’s self-explanatory. In Paris, there are many big events and I might make plans to go. Then I’ll see other people are “going” to the event on facebook and it just makes things easier.

That said, there is so much speech control on facebook it’s hard to breathe. I keep all discussion off of there because it’s becoming a huge joke.

That’s all I really use for now. Check my “follow me” page if you want to find my other socials. I’m just raving about getting into youtube:)